What to Expect

Intake/Referral Process: When you contact our office, we will provide you with answers to any questions you may have, document your contact information, provide you with our standard Service Agreement, and provide you with payment information and/or insurance coverage information, if applicable.

Determination of eligibility: If it is determined that services will be covered by your insurance, then we will take the necessary steps to get authorization for an assessment.

Assessment & Goals/Program Development: Next you will be contacted by our office manager to discuss your availability and to schedule an initial assessment with one of our qualified therapists.  During this assessment the therapist will determine your child’s unique strengths and areas of concern, allowing us to tailor short-and-long term goals for your child’s specific therapy program.  This program will be used as a guide for on-going therapy and will be updated as necessary.

Scheduling of services: Once the individualized program has been developed, the therapist will provide you with a recommended number of weekly therapy hours and your child will be assigned to a therapist or team of therapists who will provide on-going therapy.  We will do our best to accommodate your availability to provide you with a consistent and convenient schedule for your child’s therapy.