Sleep Issues? Check out these top tips to help your toddler sleep more soundly at night:

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1. Keep your toddler busy while he’s awake. Take your toddler to a playground or let him run around the backyard so that he can burn off that excess energy. If it’s raining, or too hot, keep him occupied with toys indoors. Remember mental activity can be just as tiring as physical activity.
2. Make a sleep schedule and stick to it. Your toddler needs about 12- 14 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period. When your child reaches about 18 months naptimes will decrease to once a day for two to three hours. It’s important to make sure that naps and bedtime do not occur too closely together as this can delay sleep at night.
3. Establish a bedtime routine. Though young children can’t tell time they are aware of one event following another so make the start of your routine the same every time. For example, you might begin by cleaning up and putting away toys or starting a bath to signal the beginning of “wind down” time.
4. Find support if you need it. Sleep teaching is difficult for even the most self-assured parent. If you have struggled with sleep teaching for more than two weeks it may be time to contact someone to help establish a plan for your child.
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