Frequently Asked Questions

1.My child was recently diagnosed with autism and the pediatrician recommended ABA therapy. Is this an effective intervention for my child?

2. Is my child too high/low functioning for ABA?

3. Isn’t 20-40 hours of ABA therapy a week too much?

4. What are the benefits of ABA therapy?

1. Applied Behavior Analysis is recognized as an effective treatment for children on the autism spectrum. ABA uses methods based on scientific practices and evidence based procedures.

2. ABA is an effective treatment that can benefit children with a wide range of needs. Our staff has experience designing therapeutic programs for children from toddlers to young adults.

3. This is a commonly asked question and has no single answer. Research has shown that with intensive behavior intervention, children on the autism spectrum can achieve typical development. “Intensive” is defined as 25-40 hours of therapy a week.  Studies have shown that the brain’s plasticity is the highest between age 1 and 10 and that the more therapy a child can get at that age, the better.

4. With intensive early intervention, the quality of life for all children improves. Intensive intervention is associated with a significant decrease or elimination of inappropriate behaviors and an increase in basic language skills. Children can become more active members of their family unit and show increase in their social relating. Many children are even able to achieve functioning in the areas of intellectual and social functioning like that of their typical peers, and can be mainstreamed into typical classrooms without additional assistance.