Occupational Therapy

• Attention •  Arousal Sensory Modulation • Gross Motor Skills • Fine Motor Skills •

• Posture • Muscle Tone • Balance • Handwriting •

 • Eye Coordination • Body Awareness • Visual-Spatial Skills •

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Occupational therapy treatment focuses on helping your child achieve independence in all areas of their lives. It can improve their cognitive, physical, and motor skills, thus enhancing their sense of accomplishment and improving self-esteem.  Therapy activities are designed to develop balance, coordination, strength, dexterity, and endurance which all has a direct impact on everything from walking or hopping to holding a fork or drawing.

Arousal Arousal is your level of alertness at any given moment. Our arousal levels dictate how capable we are at paying attention and responding appropriately to what is happening around us. All these levels of alertness are important because they are necessary for survival.  When danger is imminent, high arousal and hyper vigilance are what allow us to defend ourselves successfully against predators.  Low arousal is what allows us to transition into sleep so that we can rest and repair our bodies. Most children with arousal issues It is a common misconception that when a child is vey active that they have a “high arousal level”.