SpellRead- Reading Intervention Program

The SpellRead program provides an intensive intervention model combining phonemic and phonetic instruction using a multi-sensory approach which helps to develop “phonological automaticity”, the ability to master sound-letter relationships with fluency.

It is a common misconception that reading development is a natural process. Struggling readers typically lack the foundational skills to achieve fluency. Often, many struggling readers compensate by using memorization techniques and never develop essential s to support them long-term and eventually, they fall behind.

The goal is to create automatic recognition, processing, and manipulation of the combinations of the 44 phonemes of the English language. Students enroll for 120 hours of instruction over the course of one year. Each class is broken down intro three sections starting with Linguistic Foundations and followed by Active Reading and Writing Connections. Instructional materials provide kinesthetic, auditory, and visual reinforcement, with activities that include listening, building, blending, synthesizing, and analyzing.

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