Shine Bright Therapy is a developmental learning center located in Miami and Islamorada, FL. We specialize in ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis), providing scientifically proven principles and evidenced-based treatments. Shine Bright Therapy’s team includes Certified Behavior Analysts and technicians, Speech and Language Pathologists, and Occupational Therapists, and works through a multidisciplinary team approach ensuring that your child is receiving the appropriate attention to every detail of their development. At Shine Bright Therapy we recognize that no one knows your child better than you and encourage parent involvement. We also recognize that no two children are the same, making individualization of services our top priority. We address your child’s challenges while highlighting their strengths by working to reduce maladaptive, or unwanted, behaviors that are interfering with the child’s learning. We then provide the child with essential and appropriate replacement behaviors helping them to adapt and function in their everyday environment. Our talented and experienced staff can help:


Develop appropriate play and social skills


Implement potty training and other daily living procedures